New temporary work visas in Australia

Australian Immigration has recently introduced various subclasses of temporary work visa.

With effect from 19th November 2016, the following categories of visa have been made available for the aspirants of Immigration Australia:

Subclass 400- Short stay specialists
Subclass 403- International relations
Subclass 407- Visa for visitors visiting Australia for training purposes
Subclass 408- Visa for visitors coming to Australia on temporary activities

With the objective to make the process to apply for temporary visas more flexible and simpler, the new framework aims to reduce the barrier of red tapes. The objective is to facilitate and encourage seamless collaboration between entrepreneurs, investors, and professionals, visiting Australia with Short stay schedule.

Applicants can register their application for Visa online. The prevailing practice of 6-sponsorship type will get replaced with a single sponsorship format. This is going to be a significant change and would make Immigration Australia all the more coveted.

An overview of the latest Australian Visa subclasses

From 19th November 2016 and onwards, international workers will be eligible to apply for Immigration Australia on temporary work assignments as specified in the guideline of the latest visa subclasses.

The Subclass 400 of the Temporary work Visa will allow foreign workers to:
Accept non-perennial and specialized assignments on short terms
In a few instances that go in the favour of the country, foreign workers can participate in professional activities as well as accept employment in Australia.
In order to boost the international relations, subclass 403 of the new Visa format will allow foreign residents to visit Australia, under the following circumstances:

  1. As per the provision of bilateral agreement
    For representing foreign Governments in Australia
    Visitors, visiting Australia for teaching international languages at Australian schools, colleges, and universities
    Participation in any Diplomatic events
    Individuals enjoying statutory privileges & immunities
    For participation in any seasonal work programs
    Training Visa- subclass 407

This will apply to immigrants, visiting Australia to avail occupational training or to participate in any short term, classroom-based training programs that aim towards professional skill development.

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