Premium Quality Quick Rolled Oats #10 CAN


Our Premium Quality Quick Rolled Oats are an excellent nutritional food source for family preparedness.Rolled oats are a rich source of soluble fiber, protein, and vitamins. Just 3 grams of soluble fiber from oatmeal daily, in a diet low in saturated fat and cholesterol may reduce the risk of heart disease. A thirty day regimen of 1 bowl a day of rolled oats will actually aid the body in the removal of cholesterol. Our Quick Rolled Oats come in a sealed #10 can with an oxygen absorber included for increased shelf life and freshness. Each #10 can is about the size of a large coffee can or a gallon of paint and holds 10 – 11 cups of rolled oats. Product Application: May be used as a delicious hot cereal, or as a healthy and flavorful ingredient in oatmeal cookies, multi-grain breads, and rolls.


Many of our dehydrated foods have a shelf life up to 30+ years
All are packaged in #10 cans = about the size of 1 gallon
Products are shipped and stored in cases of 6 cans each
No refrigeration needed