Savvy About Survival

We provide emergency preparedness items that help you sustain life through a catastrophe. We search the world over for reliable disaster preparedness products so you can have a good supply of emergency food, a safe water supply, and the know-how to live well during uncomfortable times.

Welcome to Huvnuvs Corp. and Savvy About Survival Earth Friendly Products

Who is Savvy About Survival?


We are dedicated towards providing a great collection of products dedicated to improving the quality of life for humanity, animals, and Mother Earth. You can count on a Savvy About Survival products to be either all natural, organic, healthy, earth friendly, spiritually enlightening and or empowering this great planet to vibrate at higher frequencies.

We search the world over for Great Products to nurture and sustain life it self.

In addition, we provide you a wide array of shopping choices. You only need to take a look at our extensive products range listed in our shopping cart.

We also guarantee one thing, that you won’t be leaving empty-handed, but with great products and great bargains that are intended to sustain life. Yours and the ones you love.

Products we offer

We offer a wide array of products that are intended to sustain the a quality of life. Such as:

Survival & Preparedness Supplies:

  • Water Filters & Purifiers
    Composting Products
    Farm and Garden Equipment
    Survival Gear
    Garden Books
    Garden Tools
    Long Term Food Storage
    Water Filters, Water Storage, Treatment
    Spices,Tea Packages
    Dehydrated Food
    Freeze Dried Food
    Bulk Food Storage
    Mountain House Freeze Dried
    Cast Iron Cooking Products
    Chicken Coops
    Green Houses
    Canning and Kitchen supplies
    Heirloom Organic Non-Hybrid Seeds
    Solar Outdoor Products
    Worm Bins
    Coconut Coir


We ship via USPS Media Mail, USPS Priority Mail, Fedex, and/or UPS ground. We always look for the least expensive way possible to ship products. If you would like expedited service we are happy to do so for additional costs of course.