The Simplest Hand Water Pump


AQUA RAIN 1 CAPACITY - 2 Filter - Model 202This is the perfect unit for gathering water from your well when the power is out FOR EXTENDED TIMES.

This is one solution for the days to come during power outages, off the grid living that will save your batteries, frozen pipes and expensive mechanical pumps. This is a great pump for a secondary and even as a backup. This simplest pump can also retrieve water from streams, rivers and storage tanks. We recommend two units per household as your backup.

HOW-IT-Works: WEll Water – Remove the electric pump from well to allow room for the unit. You will attach the rope that is provided to the pump,then you lower the simplest Hand pump down the well on the rope until you feel it hit the water,pause a few to let it fill,then retrieve the unit filled with water up out of the well. The unit can then be used to transport water to your house or into a 5 gal. bucket so you can repeat this process until you have the right amount of water you need for the day.

This simplest hand pump can also make a great gift for your friends and neighbors who you care about.

When you order – pick your diameter 3″ or 4″ same price.

Uses During the times:

Power outages
Off the grid living that will save your batteries
Deep freezes when the pipes are frozen
As a secondary water retrieval system in any body of water
Water storage device that will hold 1.5 gal. for convenient use

For wells 4.5″ or greater diameter
3″ Schedule 80, brass bolt snap, and steel bolt.
4″ Schedule 80, brass bolt snap, and steel bolt.
Designed for everyday use – not just temporarily, like mechanical pumps.
User can retrieve enough water from an average well in 1-hours time in the morning for a days’ use for both family and garden.
Capacity – 1.5 gal per Dip.3″ Diam. –

3″ Diam. Dimensions: 44″L x 4.3″W Weight 5lbs

4″ Diam. – Dimensions: 31″L x 4.3″W Weight: 6 lbs

$129.00 + shipping